1 / 15 A picture posted by Gianluca Di Marzio (@giannelucadizio) on Aug 28, 2018 at 2:18pm PDT What does it take to be a great footballer in Italy?

The answer to this question can be found in a picture posted to Instagram by the team’s sporting director Gianlucadis Di Marzo on Tuesday night.

“The best Italian team is not the team that wins,” the image, captioned with a message from Di Marzi, read.

I have worked as a professional for seven years. “

I have no problem with that, because this is my life.

I have worked as a professional for seven years.

This is my job.

I am a man of passion, and I want to win.

That’s the only thing I’m doing.””

We want to represent the Italian national team,” Di Marza continued.

“It is a dream to represent Italy.

I’ve played here for five years, and for me it is the most important club.

It’s my dream to play for the national team.

But I also want to play in Europe and have my career there.””

The Italian national football team is very important for Italy, but also for the football world.

For me it’s also a team of heroes.

I don’t want to take part in any kind of competition.

If it’s the right time for me, I will always try to represent my country.”

In March, the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) released a list of players that they hoped to qualify for the 2018 World Cup.

Only seven players made the cut, while Di Marizio’s name was nowhere to be found.

However, the 21-year-old Italian international made his debut in a World Cup qualifying game against Portugal in October, and the club he helped lead to the 2018 final in Japan.

The player who was signed in March as a long-term solution to a club in crisis is one of Italy’s top-scoring strikers in the form of Alessandro Del Piero, who has scored 20 goals in 28 appearances this season.

The Italian has also shown that he is capable of producing at the highest level, leading the Serie A leaders in assists and goals.

But while Di Salvo is one the best players in Italy, he has also managed to create problems for his side.

He was caught red-handed twice in Italy’s recent friendly win over Romania, once with a penalty after being called for a handball in the penalty area, and another time when he pushed a player who had just come off the ball to the ground in a violent tackle.

In the second incident, the incident took place in the first half of the match against the Romanian side and saw Del Pieros hit the head of a Romanian player.

The referee decided that the tackle was not justified and called a penalty, but Del Pieroes team-mate Giorgio Chiellini, who had been tackled by Del Pierosa, was given a yellow card.

The game ended 1-1.

Del Pierosi has since apologised to the Romanian team and is expected to be handed a one-match suspension, while his teammate is expected of a one, with a suspension likely to be three weeks.

The Italian Football Association (FIGA) have said that the incident was the result of Del Pierose being “disrespectful and disrespectful of the referee”.

Di Marazio said: “The reason why I did not react is because I had not done anything wrong.

If he had, he would have been sent off immediately.”

If you see the video, there is no doubt that he had no intention to hurt him.

He had done nothing wrong.

He was trying to help him and we all respect him for that.””

What I have said to the team is that the players are responsible for what they do.

I want them not to be like this and I am going to work hard to convince them to accept the consequences.”


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