Antique cars can become a pricey investment if they don’t have the right parts or accessories, and sometimes they’re not worth the money, a new study says.

In a report published Tuesday, the nonprofit Consumer Reports Consumerism Index ranked items from car parts to brake pads, to tires and to brakes as “mostly valuable” and “poorly used.”

The report said the majority of items were not available on the Internet.

It’s possible that some items are listed on Amazon, but the company does not list them, Consumer Reports said.

The study compared prices of items listed for sale online with prices at retailers, including Target, Wal-Mart and Best Buy.

For some items, the report found, there was no direct online purchase.

The report said that for some items that were listed for $20 or less, it was hard to find a dealer willing to take them.

It said that a large portion of the products were sold by people who did not have a history of buying or selling items.

In some cases, people did not provide the names of their car parts suppliers.

The Consumer Reports report found that more than half of the items listed were purchased online and most of them were listed as being sold by dealers.

Consumer Reports said that its report is based on the findings of more than 400 customers who provided their own personal information to the nonprofit, including name, phone number, address and email address.

The organization has a database of more 5 million online shoppers and about 1.5 million retail shoppers.

The Consumer Reports study said that the most common reasons for a consumer’s purchase of an item included cost or service, quality, and appearance.

But some of the most frequently cited reasons were lack of knowledge or a lack of trust, the Consumer Reports survey said.

It noted that many people buy their own car parts because they want to save money.

But the report said people who purchased an item in bulk or with an inflated price were more likely to spend the money than those who purchased in small quantities.

“The more you buy, the more you can save,” the report says.


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