By LISA HORNBERGThe Associated Press – LONDON (AP) A Swedish car part company that specializes in car parts is coming out with an automotive repair kit that will cost a fraction of a traditional auto repair.

Swedish Auto Parts said Friday that it will offer a new repair kit for about $100 a pop.

It’s the company’s first product that’s designed to meet the growing needs of consumers.

Sweden’s auto parts industry is among the best in the world.

Swedes make about $2 billion a year in auto parts sales, more than any other country.

Swesdas auto parts are among the most popular products sold in the U.S.

The company has a team of more than 200 people, including two salespeople, three technicians, two support people and a support manager.

Sweds Auto Parts is known for its products that include brakes, seats, tires and more.

The new car repair kit is called the Auto Repair Kit and will include an assortment of tools and supplies for repairing your car.

The kit will include parts that are specifically designed to repair vehicles.

SwEDISH CAR PARTS INNOVATIVE: The best Swedish auto parts companyIn the U and Europe, auto parts prices have risen more than 15 percent this year, driven in part by the demand for repair parts and by a growing number of car parts that can be sold for less than $100.

Switzerland-based Volvo Cars says the market for auto parts is growing rapidly in part because of a surge in demand for fuel-cell vehicles.

It says consumers are buying fewer cars but are more willing to buy a new one.

Volvo says its new vehicle repair kits will be available in all U.K. cities and will be sold at Volvo Cars dealerships nationwide.

The Volvo Car Repair Kit will be offered in five colors, including black, yellow, red and orange.

It will also include tools for making the repairs.

The Auto Repair kit is designed for those who are interested in a car repair, as well as for those with a vehicle-related disability.

Swede auto parts can also be found in other European countries, such as Italy, France, Belgium and Sweden.

Sweda auto parts makes car parts in the small northern town of Gävle.

Its new car parts will be made in the Swedish town of Gothenburg.

Swastikas auto repair kits include parts to replace brake pads, tires, steering wheel, steering column and seat.

Swadar auto parts in Sweden makes parts for the Audi A3 and X5 sports cars.

It also makes parts and accessories for Volkswagen and Porsche models.

The cars come in several colors, as does the brake pads.

Swetland’s auto repair industry is thriving, said Ulf Sandberg, president of the Volvo Cars.

Swiss auto parts make cars in the country’s capital of Goteborg.

The company has over 5,000 employees, mainly in the auto parts field.

Swidar Auto parts in Goteburg makes parts to repair the brakes of the Audi, Porsche, Lexus and other German brands.

Swyver Auto parts makes parts in Stockholm.

Swyda auto parts has nearly 4,000 workers.

Its chief executive, Anders Nilsson, said the company is making the repair kit to satisfy the growing need for the repair of vehicles.


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