The spindle-car parts maker is bringing its parts to Canada for the first time.

The company is in the process of buying a new car from a Japanese manufacturer, said co-founder and CEO James Spindle.

Spindle said that when he first came up with the idea for spindle cars in 2011, he had no idea where to find Japanese car makers to make his parts.

“When I started looking for companies that could produce the parts I was very surprised by the number of companies out there,” he said.

For example, Spindle said he was shocked to learn that the Japanese car companies that he was trying to purchase parts from were only making parts for their own vehicles.

He said the Japanese manufacturers that he wanted to buy parts from had to import them from China or another country where they couldn’t be easily found.

There was a time when Japanese car manufacturing was very small and that was one of the reasons why was founded, said Spindle, who was born in Tokyo.

Since he was the first person to launch the company in 2011 in Vancouver, Spinder said it has grown to become one of Canada’s largest car parts manufacturers.

Although currently sells to more than 10 countries, Spiddle said he expects to be able to reach other countries with his business, including Canada.

If a company wants to go global and make parts for cars, Spider said they should look into importing them from Japan, which he said is a very expensive way to do business.

Because spindle, is based in Vancouver and is owned by, Spiders products are also available at other companies that sell parts from other manufacturers, such as Ford, Suzuki and Mazda.

It will take about a year to buy a new Japanese car from SpindlecarParts.

Com, he said, adding that if a Japanese company is willing to produce a spindle part for a Canadian car, it could happen very quickly.

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