What to know about the election and the campaign trail: 1.

What is the GOP ticket?

Donald Trump, Ben Carson and Ted Cruz have the backing of a majority of Republican primary voters, according to the latest CNN/ORC poll.

The three remaining candidates—former Florida Gov.

Jeb Bush, Wisconsin Gov.

Scott Walker and former Virginia Gov.

Jim Gilmore—are all in the minority, with just 12% of the vote.

The latest CNN poll of likely voters finds that only 25% of Republicans say they will support Trump, a number that has increased since the beginning of the year.

But, he remains the most popular candidate among Republicans, with 55% of them saying they will vote for him, according a CNN/Orc poll taken before the first GOP debate.

Meanwhile, Clinton is still viewed favorably by 44% of voters, with 31% saying they have a negative view of her.

Trump has a more positive view of his party, with 50% saying their support for him is strong, with 33% saying it’s a “fairly strong” feeling.

But Clinton is viewed unfavorably by 46% of respondents.

Two of the other remaining candidates, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Ohio Gov.

John Kasich, have similar numbers, with 47% of those polled saying they support the former secretary of state and the other 45% saying the former governor is a “poor choice.”

In the CNN/orc poll, Cruz and Kasich were tied for first place, with 28% and 21%, respectively.

The former is in the lead in Florida, with 30% support and 21% for Kasich.

Trump had 16% support in Ohio and 10% in Florida.

In Virginia, Cruz, Trump and Kasich are tied with 27% support each in the state.

Clinton is at 9% in Virginia, while Trump is at 4% in the commonwealth.


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