In the US, a company called FUJI has been working to develop a bomb-detecting vehicle.

But in the UK, the US military is developing the same technology and will be using it on its own vehicles in the next couple of years.

FUJAIR’s new car part looks a bit like a miniature bomb.

It’s been given a paint job to resemble that of a bomb, but its main function is to protect the car from explosions.

The UK has already used the same car part on its Army armoured vehicles.

What happens when this bomb-proof car part hits a vehicle?

The idea of the FUJPIR project is to develop an improved version of the car part which will be used in vehicles, including trucks and SUVs.

However, the project is still in its early stages.

It is also unclear what the benefits will be, and the technology is still being developed.

A recent article in the BBC news website reported that the UK was investigating whether it was possible to use FUJOIR parts in its own cars.

In the article, a spokesperson for the UK Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL) said: “We are currently assessing the feasibility of using FUJC parts in vehicles.”

It’s not clear if FUjoir’s parts would be able to resist a car impact and protect the occupants.

The article says the car parts would likely have to be made of a composite material, which would be susceptible to fires, explosions and corrosion.

The vehicle part could be fitted with a special thermal imaging system which would detect any changes in the vehicle.

It could also be fitted in different parts of the vehicle and in other ways.

The project was initially funded by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology, which is also involved in FUJD’s work.

The technology developed by FUJS and the UK military has been developed since the 1990s and is now used by a number of countries, including the US.

The car part has already been used on the US Army armoured cars and the military is expected to be testing it on a number more vehicles in coming months.

However the UK government has not been clear about what it will do with the parts.

It has been clear that it is looking to develop other ways to protect military vehicles from roadside bombs, and has also announced a plan to use a different car part to protect a soldier’s body in the event of an explosion.

The military says the technology would be suitable for use in “other future military vehicles”, but it’s not yet clear how this would affect FUJJI’s project.

How does the UK deal with roadside bombs?

A spokesperson for DSTL said: The UK Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) is currently developing a range of advanced vehicle safety technology, including a new vehicle safety vehicle, which will enable the UK to deploy in the field and improve the safety of UK military vehicles.

The Department of Defence (DoD) is working with DSTC to develop the new vehicle technology, and to ensure the vehicle meets the UK’s vehicle safety standards.

The first vehicle to be tested with the new technology will be the M4 Abrams tank.

It will be deployed on the frontline in Afghanistan, and will also be used on other vehicles such as Humvees.

DoD said it would use the technology to protect vehicles on its behalf in the future.


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