It’s a challenge.

It’s even more challenging when you’re making parts that are made in a small factory like South Africa.

The process takes hours, and you need to be a certified machinist to get a job done.

But the payoff is amazing, and the result is something you can actually build.

You can get vintage parts for a car like the Ford Thunderbird or a Jaguar XK, but there’s nothing quite like making your own parts that you can use in a future vehicle.

We got to go back to the drawing board to figure out how we could make the parts ourselves.

To start, we had to figure that a vintage car would be an excellent candidate for a suspension part.

You want the car to have good mechanical and suspension quality, and it’s important that it have a decent set of components that are compatible with modern parts.

In the United States, you can buy parts made in small, mass-produced parts factories, but we wanted to create a factory that would make the cars that we wanted.

“We wanted to make the car that we want” The process The most basic thing that we needed was a way to transfer parts to the assembly line, and that meant that we would need to start with a large part.

The first part we had was a small aluminum tube that we cut to size and drilled a hole in.

We used a couple of the bolts from the bolts on the parts, which were the same bolts that we used on the Ford cars.

We also drilled a few holes for the mounting holes for our bolts.

The bolt we used was a bolt made in America that had been cut from a Tamiya V8 engine, which was used in some of the first cars.

When the bolt was cut, it had a hole through it for the bolt head to go through.

We drilled this hole to create the mounting hole for the bolts.

Then we drilled another hole in the bottom of the tube, which held the bolts in place.

The bolts we used were also made in the U.S. We cut them to size, and then drilled a couple holes for them to go in.

After that we drilled the holes for all of the mounting bolts, which are the bolts that attach the suspension to the body.

The mounting bolts we were using are made from steel tubing.

They have a little bit of steel welded to them, and they are pretty durable, and so they’re good for a while.

The car parts The first thing that you need is a piece of aluminum tubing that is the right length, the right width, and is made to hold the bolts securely.

The size of the bolt is a big factor.

If it’s too short, it won’t stick in the tubing, and if it’s not big enough, it will crack and break.

That’s why you have to make sure that it fits properly.

We didn’t want a big bolt on the bottom.

We wanted it to go all the way through the tube.

We measured the diameter of the threaded end, and we measured the length of the tubing.

We were measuring the length, not the diameter, so we could have the right tubing length.

The next thing we needed to make was a mounting bolt that would go in the tube and hold the bolt in place while we were drilling the hole for it.

We needed a bolt that was long enough to fit through the tubing and hold it in place for a long time.

This is a photo of our first mounting bolt.

This was a very small bolt.

We would cut this to fit into the tube before we cut the bolts, so that we could measure the tubing length, and use that as a reference.

The length of tubing that we were measuring was about the size of a normal-sized 3/4-inch-diameter bolt.

That means that the bolt would be about a quarter of an inch longer than the bolt that we had drilled.

The other part to get right was a bit of wood, a piece that was about a foot long.

We went to the local hardware store and bought a piece with a 4-inch length, so the length was the right size.

We put it in a bag, and put a couple extra pieces of wood into it to help with the clamping.

The assembly line The next step was to drill the holes to attach the bolts to the parts.

We started by drilling a few of the holes that we knew we needed for the nuts and bolts, then we drilled a little hole in each of the tubes to make it easier to insert the bolt.

Then, we drilled holes for each of our bolts, and placed them into the holes on the bolts themselves.

We marked the bolts and drilled the slots in the holes, and finally, we screwed the bolts into the bolts with a screw driver.

We had a couple other bolts that had the bolts go in through the threaded hole that we made.

We filled up the holes with


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